Student Testimonials!

I have been a student of Dr. Williams for two years at the University of New Orleans. I would just like to say that Dr. Williams is an AMAZING teacher. She is able to take whatever problem I am having in a piece of music and break it down into smaller pieces so that I not only know how to fix it, but how to apply the same principles to other problems.

In addition to being a wonderful teacher, it is a joy to take piano lessons from her. She is always encouraging and willing to help. No matter how many times I make the same mistake in a piece of music, Dr. Williams always responds with a helpful pointer or humorous anecdote. It is because of her expertise and personality that I look forward to my weekly lessons. It is a joy and honor to study under her guidance!

... Candice Holley
June 29, 2007


When I went to study piano at the University of New Orleans I had no idea that I would meet a person who would become my inspiration, motivation, and a true mentor. Dr. Williams has always been available to help, monitor, and guide my progress despite her many responsibilities at school and home. In only three years of study with Dr. Williams I feel I’ve made a huge improvement technically. Her constant encouragement and positive guidance increased and improved my self-confidence as a performer. Dr. Williams has always provided a productive, structured and interesting learning environment in her lessons. As a professor, active performer, and member of local and national music associations she is truly an inspiration for an aspiring musician. I am honored and proud to say that I’ve been studying with such an accomplished musician.

... Maja Bahat
July 5, 2007